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What's in Yours? Premier Gospel Radio's newest Presenter

What's in Yours?

Michelle De Leon is part of the Rhema Church London family and has been for quite some time. Now she is joining Premier Gospel Radio as a presenter on a new show called What's in Yours? Every Saturday at 9pm.

- Tell us what your new show is about?

What's in Yours aims to get to know guests by delving into their bags and discussing how the contents reflects them and their faith.

- What can listeners expect to hear when they tune in?

There will be new guests and new bags to snoop into each week. They come from a range of backgrounds: entertainment, community, ministry and business.

- How did you come about presenting for Premier Gospel Radio?

The simple answer is God. The detailed answer is my friend asked me to cover her show while she was on maternity leave. She asked me literally at a time I had just received a setback so it was a welcome and unexpected lift. I had never been interested or considered getting involved in radio before. All my life I had never liked hearing my voice played back so it came as a surprise that people like the sound of it! What I had never considered as an asset suddenly was being used by God. I trusted that although I had no experience that God would equip me and He did! After a few months doing maternity cover, my stint came to an end but then the boss of Premier Gospel invited me back to do my own show. Glory to God, I still marvel that God made something out of nothing. I had no part in radio but suddenly it has become a big part in my life. I still marvel that our God is the God of the unexpected and my radio show is living proof of that!

- You've been in Rhema for quite a few years now - what makes a church feel like home and how does Rhema feel to you?

Time is a big factor in when a church becomes your home. When you get to know people and spend time with them and share experiences with them- they become like family. Familiar faces and warm smiles and embraces, makes church feel like home. The reality is that when I first walked through the doors of Rhema, I knew that it would become my church and that was long before it felt like home! The praise and preaching ministered to me and healed me, then helped me to grow.


What's in Yours airs every Saturday at 9pm on Premier Gospel Radio


Interview by Titi Ige

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