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Truly blessed, can't stop praising God!

Hey Pastor Sandy,

I just wanted to share with you the amazing news I received today. After a 4 stage interview process for a new company called Lightspeed POS, I was offered a job. I am going to be their UK Trainer and start working in the city. It is a mid level job, so I have stepped up a position in terms of my career and will be receiving a £15,000 pay rise as a result. I'll be starting in January when I will be flown to Montreal, Canada for my on boarding and when I get back it looks like our London offices could be moving to The Shard with beautiful views across the city! God has truly blessed me today and I can’t stop praising Him!

The night before my 2nd interview, I prayed in agreement with Jordan and Naomi for favour and the right words to say throughout the process. My group of brothers (brotherhood leaders) have been in joint prayer with me for the same things and that I would get the job. I know my parents have been backing me up with prayer as well and every step of the interviewing has been good. Admittedly the 4th interview was tough, I had a hesitation that could have cost me the job, but because of God's favour and the prayers backing me up, I spoke the right words before the time was up and I received brilliant feedback from the interviewer- the Director Of Training.

 This didn't stop my mind from playing tricks on me though as I had also asked for a pay rise of at least £10,000. The devil was trying to steal my peace and joy and replace it with worry, aiming to convince me that my skills were not worth as much as I'd asked for. However, I repented of those bad thoughts and I had faith in the power of life in my tongue. I declared that no principality or devil was going to steal this opportunity from me and I told the devil to take his hands off my finances as they belong to God. I declared I would receive more because God wants me to give more. I began to praise God for His goodness. This was my time for success. Pastor Martin had recently said at Church, as led by Holy Spirit, that the mature Christians were on the verge of success. I believed that Word and received it and look what God has done! A £15,000 pay rise and additional perks such as travel expenses covered, a macbook for work use, stock options with the company and other benefits. He really does give more than you could imagine!

The teaching I have received from Rhema, right from the beginning in Children's Church, through to the main services and Bible School, has allowed me to grow in my relationship with God and follow my spirit as He prompts me. I have been taught humility and love, and the importance of prayer. The encouragement and community of other believers at Rhema has supported me when it mattered most and now I get to give back even more! Praise God. All the glory goes to Him. I thank Him for sending such wonderful Pastors into my life. 

 Lots of love!

Mikey Privett

Newly Appointed, UK Trainer for Lightspeed POS


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