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The Goodness of God

I wanted to share a testimony about God's goodness concerning my son.

He had previously been to kindergarten a year ago,  however he could not settle down or interact well with the other children. In fact, the whole four month experience was quite difficult for all of us. My husband and I had to take some time off to look after him at home, since he wouldn't settle at any other nursery.

However, by God's grace and with the love and support from the voluntary staff, he has settled in to Rhema Creche which has helped tremendously. He is  more independent and enjoys the time spent at Rhema Creche and is happy to get involved. The result of this is that he has since been able to start back at the same nursery a year later and the change has been remarkable. I sense that this is due to the support he has had at Rhema Creche.

God's love and favour has truly abounded in my son in the space of a year. I thank God for our church,  Pastor Liz and the Children's Church team for their support and labour of love.

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