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Rhema Bible School has transformed my life!

I want to testify to the glory of God and say that Rhema Bible School has transformed my life. I had surgery for gall stones in 2010 but since then I've had incessant stomach pains. In November 2013 it got worse and I was admitted twice to different hospitals. I did all forms of blood tests and scans but every thing came back okay. The pains got worse, excruciating pains all over my body and I could not go back to work. I lost my job. Long story short, I was referred to University College Hospital London where I met with the gastroenterologist specialists who suggested I undergo a medical procedure. But still the pains got worse. I went back to the hospital but the doctors said there was nothing else they could do and they did not want to try any other procedures on me in case it got worse. I found about Rhema Church London last year, when I moved to Croydon to be with my family. God used the praise and worship to set me free from my bondage (but that is a different testimony). 

I started Bible School last year but had to drop out because the pains became unbearable. This year I was determined to continue Bible School even though the pains were still there. When Toby asked us to make sure we read the books we were given, I was determined to finish the books. I had been praying for healing all the while. I came out to the front to be prayed for in all the healing services we had. Church members have prayed for me on different occasions but the pains continued. During one of the Sunday services, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me "You are healed", but the pains continued. I cried every day to God asking Him why the pains were still there if I was truly healed. I was so confused until I started reading Kenneth Hagin's book. And then the Spirit said "You have refused to walk in faith and that is why your healing has not manifested." I sat there and cried and asked Him to show me what to do. 

I now have my healing and am totally pain free! I have been a Christian all my life but have never had a revelation of my salvation, faith, healing, the Holy Spirit, God's anointing (it's a long list) as much as I do now.  I thank God for this new found wisdom and understanding as my life has been totally transformed! I can't wait for the next term of Bible School as I am fully expectant that God will continue what He has started in me.

Chinyere Ugbene  

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