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Meet Pastor Martin Phelps

Dear church family,

When I was driving to the airport God said to me, “Breakthrough has come, my work is done, darkness is gone and light has come.” When God says that, it doesn’t happen the next day, but I know we are very close to that. God was saying that imminently there is going to be a time of great breakthrough. All the preparation and prayers will now allow Him to manifest and darkness that has tried to hold us back has gone.

That was very exciting, because in the last few months there has been immense pressure to stop us moving forward, but when Satan tries to come one way, he always flees seven ways. And you know that right around the corner there is some great blessing coming. I have been aware of great pressure but I have also been aware of the excitement of a door opening. I believe, like the apostle Paul said to the church at Ephesus, that a door has opened unto me but there are many adversaries.  I believe that God is opening new doors, a new door here and a door for all we want to do in the future, but there have been many adversaries to try and stop that door from opening. If the door can’t open then we can’t walk through it, so within that God has spoken to me and said “Stay strong.”

When I was in South Africa, Pastor Ray MacCauley spoke to me and said, “It is going to come to pass at last,” and that meant so much to me because in 1986 I got a prophecy from Dick Mills, who said “God has got great things for you but you are going to have to wait a long time and you are going to be so glad that you waited.” Big things are going to start happening, and whenever the devil hears those words he tries to stop those words from manifesting, but he won’t be able to because God’s plan is much bigger. It’s exciting because there is going to be a great avalanche of God’s blessing on our lives and on God’s ministry.

If you are immature in God and you get a prophecy, you get excited and jump around, but when you are mature in God, you realise that the words He gives you are to keep you strong and I know that comes with great responsibility. I don’t believe we are going to do any new things this year, we will just continue in the things that were started last year. My vision is to see more fruit manifest and grow on the trees. In the Bible it talks in the Gospels about how God said, “When you sow the corn you first have the blade and then the ear and then the corn will come,” I feel that last year we had the blade and then the ear but now the corn is going to come and fulfil that.

I am very proud of the people at Rhema and if it wasn’t for them and all the wonderful people that help me I couldn’t have achieved any of what we have done. Obviously, God is always our constant source of love and care and support. I believe we have the wherewithal to become the greatest church in the world.     

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