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God answers prayer

The last time I was an inpatient at Croydon University Hospital, they finally discovered the root of the pain I'd been suffering from for some time. An ultra-sound showed I had a kidney stone and a cyst. They identified the kidney stone as the cause of the pain, which was also triggering the sickle cell so they put me on pain relief tablets. I was referred to a urologist at Kings who did an ultra-sound which only showed the cyst but not the kidney stone. When I was finally seen by the specialist, he said that ultra-sounds wouldn't always show up a kidney stone but a CT scan would. So, I had my CT scan and was waiting for my next appointment with the specialist. In the meantime, I had a sickle cell appointment at Kings where they were able to give me my CT results. They came back positive for both a kidney stone and a cyst. 

I began to get deep in prayer, meditating on scriptures. I knew I was healed and I kept thanking God for my healing but I was asking for my healing to manifest. I was prepared at my next appointment with the specialist for them to tell me what procedure I would need to remove the stone. I was also going to ask to have the least invasive procedure.

However, when I arrived at my appointment, the specialist had the CT images on the computer to show me. He said that there was no kidney stone and no cyst showing on the CT images. I told him that the sickle cell clinic had read the report out to me and said that both a kidney stone and cyst were there and that Croydon University Hospital's report had stated the same. He said he knew that, but there was nothing there now. He said I would need to go back to my GP as they would need to start doing tests. Mum was with me and when I came out of the room I was crying because I had thought they had a diagnosis and I could just have the stone removed and get back to some normality. But after hearing what the specialist had said, I felt like I was back at square one. While I was sitting on the train, a voice came to me saying, "Oh ye of little faith." It sounded so loud to me that I looked around to see if anyone else had heard it. Again, the voice said, " Oh ye of little faith. You prayed for healing and now you have been told there is no stone or cyst so why do you cry?"

I just started crying again, (I must have looked crazy on the train), but this was a cry of joy. I then started thinking, Jesus performed miracles all the time and still there were non-believers. Imagine, I'd had two ultra-sounds, a CT scan and written reports, all saying I had a kidney stone, a cyst or both and then I was told and shown the CT that there was now no sign of either! I should have been jumping up, rejoicing and thanking God for my healing!

God answered my prayers, He healed me!
The devil is a liar. Ha, ha , ha, hee, hee, hee, the devil is a liar, I AM HEALED.



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