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Stories: Changed Lives

A Personal Testimony - Hazel

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"I wish to say an enormous thank you to the entire Power Living 4 Power Parenting team for the Saturday 19th November workshop. Their enthusiasm and drive is key and everyone participated fully. We had some hilarious moments and other times of deep reflection. I did not wish to miss a single session as every one has been a step of progress for our complex lives, drawing on a realm of entirely free expertise. It has been an admirable achievement for the whole team in helping us be in greater control of things we can change if we are pointed to examine and work on specific areas. Yesterday's session discussed the eyes as being the window to our souls. What we thought we wished to convey and what others perceived was eye-opening indeed.

Out the mouths of babes!

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I just wanted to share with you how proud I was of my little Joy, as I told her I would when she shared with me what she had done, and she asked me if I had done it.

God is our Provider

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The 31st of December was my first time at Rhema with my family and I remembered the prayer night was a blast in the Holy Ghost! I was specifically praying for accommodation within our budget, as we had a new born baby boy plus our 5 year old daughter as well as the Christmas expenses.

A Personal Testimony - Tosin Akingbolagun

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My testimony starts from attending children’s’ church for the first time 17 years ago when, when I was about 4 years old. Here I built a foundation in the Lord, and strong relationship with Him myself, that would prove to be essential for the rest of my childhood and teenage years.

God answers prayer

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God answered my prayers, He healed me! Imagine, I'd had two ultra-sounds, a CT scan and written reports, all saying I had a kidney stone, a cyst or both and then I was told and shown the CT that there was now no sign of either!

The Goodness of God

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God's love and favour has truly abounded in my son in the space of a year. I thank God for our church, Pastor Liz and the Children's Church team for their support and labour of love.

Meet Pastor Sandy Phelps

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Pastor Sandy Phelps, along with her husband Pastor Martin Phelps head up Rhema Church London. As you can imagine, it’s a full time job, but Pastor Sandy has taken the time out to tell us a bit more about what she does and how she does it. Read on to find out more about our Leading Lady of Rhema.

Rhema Bible School has transformed my life!

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I want to testify to the glory of God and say that Rhema Bible School has transformed my life. I had surgery for gall stones in 2010 but since then I've had incessant stomach pains. In November 2013 it got worse and I was admitted twice to different hospitals. I did all forms of blood tests and scans but every thing came back okay. The pains got worse, excruciating pains all over my body and I could not go back to work. I lost my job.

Truly blessed, can't stop praising God!

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Hey Pastor Sandy, I just wanted to share with you the amazing news I received today. After a 4 stage interview process for a new company called Lightspeed POS, I was offered a job. I am going to be their UK Trainer and start working in the city. It is a mid level job, so I have stepped up a position in terms of my career and will be receiving a £15,000 pay rise as a result.

A weight off my shoulders - I am FREE!

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I am a long term member at Rhema, but recently it's like I've started from square one in my walk with God. I just wanted to tell you a testimony I had. I have felt like an incredible weight was on my shoulders for a while now, like I wasn't where I am supposed to be in life, like I was unworthy, wondering why God wasn't swooping in and saving me! I love inspiring people but I was finding it hard to inspire myself!

With Love from Rhema Church London …

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A very big thank you for everyone that was able to donate and all those who helped out on Sunday with the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The effect of 'Operation Christmas Child' on the children who receive the gifts is demonstrated by one lady who brought in 15 boxes! She had received a box as a child so wanted as many children as possible to experience the joy that she felt.

Building a firm foundation on the Word of God...

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I just want to thank each and every person that taught at Rhema Foundations. Thank you so much to Renee who made us feel so welcome in her beautiful house, such a wonderful woman of God. I learned so much and just wanted to know more and more each session. I was amazed and even got closer in my walk with Jesus. There were so many things that I did not understand in the Bible, but the way the teachers broke everything down and explained them, I was in awe – WOW!

Rhema Support at HMP Thameside

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Rhema's prison ministry regularly visit HMP Thameside and support the chaplaincy in praying with and for the prisoners. Rev Denis Hartley speaks of the appreciation of the team and how hard they work.

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