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A weight off my shoulders - I am FREE!

Hi Rhema! 

I am a long term member at Rhema, but recently it's like I've started from square one in my walk with God. I just wanted to tell you a testimony I had. 

I have felt like an incredible weight was on my shoulders for a while now, like I wasn't where I am supposed to be in life, like I was unworthy, wondering why God wasn't swooping in and saving me! I love inspiring people but I was finding it hard to inspire myself! 

I'm a smiley girl but it was almost like something was keeping my face straight, I couldn't smile, found it hard to connect with people and generally felt a little lost in life and dare I say, depressed. 

Every week we are told to get into the Word, and I would rightfully agree then I would go home and get wrapped up in my day to day life and not do it. Recently, I started studying the Word for a small period of time a day where possible, daily taking baby steps. Reading, speaking, meditating and praying on it. 

I then got sucked into life again and had missed 4-5 days in a row. I then went to church and listened to Pastor saying, without the Word, there is no power. He told us to stand on the Word, and even backed it up by saying God says if you stay obedient, all will go well with you. 

I went home and prayed asking for the spirit of heaviness to be taken off me. Then I thought back to that morning's service, about the Word and thought, "let me try again." So I read some bible stuck with me. Proverbs 23:7 - "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." That caused me to think..." if I think in my heart, I am happy, I am a success, all good things are coming to me, I'm victor not a victim, if I'm convinced of these things, that's what I'll be!"

Then...I went to RISE. Pastor Sandy was speaking. Normally I take notes for social media, but something said, put the notebook away and focus on her words...I blocked everything else out and focused on her words as if she was speaking only to me. She mentioned how freedom is in the mind, how you can have everything you could possibly want in life and still feel bound because the mind goes everywhere with you and it can still be imprisoned. The only entity that can help us free our God. 

It just clicked...then praise and worship started...I hadn't been able to praise God like that in a long while, with all of my heart, body, soul and mind invested in the praise. We sung "To take the spirit of heaviness over me, so I sing with a new song, and make a joyful sound unto my king." Thats exactly what I did. Now I fully understand the power of praise and worship. When I left, no word of a lie, I felt FREE, the weight was gone. God used the FREEDOM event to free me. 

I'm aware I have to stay in the Word, stay trusting God and continue to grow and win the fight over the devil every single day, but that praise and worship broke a mental barrier for me. 

Thank you Pastor Martin, Sandy and the Church.

Monique x

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