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A Personal Testimony - Hazel

"I wish to say an enormous thank you to the entire Power Living 4 Power Parenting team for the Saturday 19th November workshop.  Their enthusiasm and drive is key and everyone participated fully. We had some hilarious moments and other times of deep reflection. I did not wish to miss a single session as every one has been a step of progress for our complex lives, drawing on  a realm of entirely free expertise. It has been an admirable achievement for the whole team in helping us be in greater control of things we can change if we are pointed to examine and work on specific areas.  Yesterday's session discussed the eyes as being  the window to our souls. What we thought we wished to convey and what others perceived was eye-opening indeed. Interestingly someone in the group helped me understand the descriptive expression 'beautiful' not as sometimes negative but to be observed from God's perspective. Looking not necessarily at the physical but embracing the whole including character, talents,  attitude, personality. In terms of  communication this was my misconception which was corrected I am happy to say.  We are all a work in progress. God declares that we are all beautiful in His eyes and He loves us each exactly the same.  As a church I  hope that we can all as people be open, caring, non-judgemental welcoming and friendly especially to our visitors; for they will mirror back to us what they see and perceive."

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