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Power Living4Power Parenting

Power Living4Power Parenting

Power Living4Power Parenting is a course designed to empower people to be all they were born to be. It encourages people to be a cheer leader for their own and their family’s lives as well as grow in understanding of the importance of the child development theory.

Power Living for Power Parenting aims to provide individuals with the skills and techniques to nurture confident and well‐rounded children and young people who can successfully achieve their full potential. The course also embraces notions of personal development, underpinned by biblical principles.

Course content includes:

  • Child Development
  • Inner Working Model
  • Development of Self Identity
  • Our Back Story
  • Problem Solving
  • Moving Forward

Why come to Power Living?

We all have unanswered questions about how to….?

What are yours?

  • Why does my child ......... ?
  • How can I deal with this parenting challenge?
  • How can I improve my relationship with ....... ?
  •  How do I help my ....... with ............ ?
  • Why do we ........  ?
  • Why does my ........ always ........... ?
  • What are your challenges?

Upcoming workshop dates

Workshops take place at 11 Spencer Place, Gloucester Place, Croydon CR0 2DN, starting at 10.45am and finishing at 2pm with breaks in between.

  • 25th February
  • 11th March
  • 1st April
  • 20th May
  • 24th June
  • 8th July



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