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23 February 2018

23 February 2018

Update from Interim Manager

Since the last posting on 15 December 2017 there have been a number of developments which the Interim Manager can now report upon.

Unfortunately, some issues and ongoing investigations remain confidential and the Interim Manager is, therefore, restricted as to the detail that can be provided:

  1. The Employment Tribunal proceedings bought by Jonathan Morris have now been struck out by the Tribunal.  The Interim Manager needs to take a robust approach on these matters and is considering pursuing a wasted costs order against Mr Morris. 
  2. Nutfield Court is now on the market, the proceeds of which will be used to substantially discharge the principal liabilities to HMRC.
  3. Title to the three properties of which the charity has beneficial ownership, namely, Rose Lawn, Spencer Place and Nutfield Court has now been vested in the Official Custodian on behalf of the Charity Commission on trust for the Charity.   This will protect the properties and facilitate the legal process when buyers are identified. 
  4. Under the terms of the deed, establishing the trust in respect of Rose Lawn, Mr Phelps and his family are entitled to remain in Rose Lawn until 27 May 2018.  It is intended that in due course, this property will be put on the market. 
  5. The Interim Manager has now appointed a recruitment firm to deal with the vetting and processing of those individuals who have expressed an interest in becoming a trustee of Rhema Church.  Those individuals will be contacted direct shortly.   A shortlist will be presented to the Interim Manager who will then make the appointments following discussions with the Charity Commission.

Interim Manager

23 February 2018