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Meet Pastor Martin Phelps

When I was driving to the airport God said to me, “Breakthrough has come, my work is done, darkness is gone and light has come.” When God says that, it doesn’t happen the next day, but I know we are very close to that. God was saying that imminently there is go...

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Youth Sunday Meeting

Youth (13-18 years) meeting on Sunday 29th May, at Arnhem Gallery, Fairfield Halls. Starts at 11am.

Rhema Foundations Course

5 week course starting Saturday 4th June, 10.30am to 12.30pm at 11 Spencer Place

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Fully persuaded - Romans 4:20-21

Be fully persuaded, do not stagger or walk in unbelief about God’s promises

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Godfidence: WOW 2016 Conference Promo

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Our wonderful Rhema Foundations teachers from left to right: Lyndon, Sally, Naomi, Debbie.S, Debbie.H, Diane ,and... https://t.co/8mu7J6AqYt


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