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Walking on water with God

In February this year, Pastor spoke straight from the heart of God to encourage the church to spend 30 minutes a day praying in tongues. From the moment it was said, I knew that my spirit was in agreement as I wasn’t spending as much time with God as I should have ...

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Rhema Foundations Course

5 week course starting Saturday 4th June, 10.30am to 12.30pm at 11 Spencer Place

WoW Christ Centred Female Course

WOW Christ Centred Female Course, 5 week course Christ Centred Female 5 week course starts Monday 1st February at 11 Spencer Place.

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Fully persuaded - Romans 4:20-21

Be fully persuaded, do not stagger or walk in unbelief about God’s promises

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Godfidence: WOW 2016 Conference Promo

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Come to church! We will be sharing some important information about the Fairfield Halls tomorrow. https://t.co/T5nzmlDMZq

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