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Since the last posting on 15 December 2017 there have been a number of developments which the Interim Manager can now report upon.

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Interim Manager
Rhema Church London


21 December 2017 read more

The Interim Manager has received many requests for further information concerning the outcome of Martin Phelps' appeal against his dismissal. The appeal has taken place and his dismissal has been upheld. Mr Phelps, therefore, remains dismissed. No further information in this regard will be issued at this time.

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Interim Manager
Rhema Church London


15 December 2017 read more

Thank you to all those who attended the meeting at Croydon Conference Centre on 28 November 2017 and for the support received in respect of the various investigations which are on-going. Following that meeting, a number of individuals have been in touch with the Interim Manager expressing further views and constructive thoughts on how matters could proceed. All these matters will be taken into account in due course.

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Keith Mills
Interim Manager


24 November 2017 read more

Following the Interim Manager's notice on 16 November 2017, questions and answers regarding the Inquiry and the Interim Manager appointment are set out on the link below in preparation for the meeting on 28 November 2017.

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Keith Mills
Interim Manager


16 November 2017 read more

Following the Interim Manager's previous notices, the investigations have now proceeded to the point where the anticipated meeting can now take place.

The meeting will be held on 28 November at Croydon Conference Centre, Croydon. The meeting will commence at 6 pm and it is intended that it should finish by 9 pm.

The meeting is open to the church congregation being current members, former members and any other interested individuals.

To ensure the smooth running of the meeting, the Charity Commission and the Interim Manager have decided that a Facilitator should be appointed and this is in hand.

Prior to the meeting a question and answer sheet will be made available on the website.

There has been considerable rumour and misinformation circulated by various individuals and groups of individuals and it is hoped that this meeting will clarify the actual position both in terms of the investigations to date, some of which are on-going, and also the future for Rhema Church.

Keith Mills
Interim Manager


31 October 2017 read more

In the last notice posted on the website, the Interim Manager indicated that he hoped shortly to announce when the meeting with members and ex-members would be held.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the Interim Manager's control, concerning issues relating to employees and ongoing negotiations with HMRC, it is not yet possible for this meeting to take place. Following consultation with the Charity Commission, it is necessary for the meeting to be held after these issues and the ongoing investigations have been concluded. The Interim Manager is doing all he can to expedite matters and further notice will be given in due course.

Thank you to all those who have expressed an interest in becoming a trustee. A process of due diligence is in hand and the Interim Manager is consulting with the Charity Commission as to the suitability of the various candidates.

The Interim Manager will be in touch with individual candidates as soon as possible and a further notice will be posted on the website in due course.

In the meantime, the Interim Manager is continuing with a number of investigations, particularly in light of new information and evidence which continues to come to light.

The Interim Manager would like to consider what opportunities exist for some of the church activities to be resumed. If any volunteers would like to come forward and indicate specific activities which they consider could be held, could they please contact the Interim Manager by letter or email indicating precisely what activity and the logistics surrounding that. This will then be considered by the Interim Manager.

Keith Mills
Interim Manager


3 October 2017 read more

The Interim Manager has received a number of expressions of interest for the role of Trustee. If there is anyone else interested could they please let the Interim Manager know in writing within the next seven days.

Very many thanks to those who have already expressed an interest. The Interim Manager will be in further touch with you in due course.

The Interim Manager continues to be aware of a number of emails circulating from the so-called 'Elders of Rhema Church' and 'The Rhema Family'. They purport to be circulated on behalf of Rhema Church London and still continue to use some of the Rhema Church address details. The authors, who believe they are remaining anonymous, are holding themselves out as representing Rhema Church. They do not and in due course will be held to account.

For the avoidance of any doubt, these circulars are not authorised by the Interim Manager and contain many false, inaccurate and very misleading information, statements and assumptions. The true position will be made clear at the forthcoming meeting.

Details as to the date and location of the meeting will be circulated hopefully in the next 14 days.


18 September 2017 read more

The various investigations are continuing and it is still expected that the members' meeting previously referred to will take place in October 2017.

At the current time, the charity has two trustees who are suspended. Going forward, further trustees may be required to act with or in place of the existing trustees.

The Interim Manager invites expressions of interest for the position of trustees from members and non-members of the charity. Such expressions should be in writing and sent by post to the address below. Please state your full name, address and set out why you believe you would be suitable for the role of a trustee.

Applications to:

Keith Mills
Trowers & Hamlins LLP
10 Colmore Row
B3 2QD


18 August 2017 read more

Due to the issues that the Interim Manager is currently investigating, and the failure/refusal of certain employees to hand over keys to the charity's properties, we have had no choice but to change the locks on the charity's premises (including Spencer Place).

We appreciate that this may cause inconvenience for members in the short term. If anyone is holding or is planning to hold church meetings at Spencer Place in the near future, we respectfully ask that you make alternative arrangements until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In addition, the Interim Manager has received a number of emails from concerned members, raising issues, questions or providing information to assist in the investigations. This has proved most helpful. Unfortunately, the Interim Manager is not able to respond to all individual communications.

Messages sent by social media and/or email purporting to be from Rhema Church London are not authorised by the Interim Manager and in many instances contain misleading information and details. Authorised communications will be by direct email from the Interim Manager or posted on the Rhema Church London website.

In terms of future communications with members, once the investigations have been completed, a meeting will be held with members in order to address any queries and concerns. We expect this to take place in late September/early October 2017 but will confirm arrangements as soon as we are able to do so. The Charity Commission supports this approach and will be present.

Rhema Church London


27 July 2017 read more

Further to the Notice which was posted yesterday, Rhema Church London has become aware of various circulars which have appeared on social media. These notices contain misinformation and have not been authorised by Rhema Church London.

Rhema Church London has also received a number of emails concerning the Notice, some in support and some raising issues and questions. The concerns of the congregants are taken extremely seriously by Rhema Church’s interim management.

However, in view of the pending investigations, it is simply not possible to go into any further detail or to reply to each email individually. This is to protect confidentiality and so as not to prejudice the investigations which must be allowed to run its course.

The investigation will be conducted as quickly as possible. All interested parties are asked to please be patient until it has concluded.

Rhema Church London


26 July 2017 read more

As you will probably know, I was appointed by the Charity Commission as Interim Manager of Rhema Church at the end of 2015. I was asked to take control of it and investigate a number of potential issues and irregularities.

Since that date, I have been endeavouring to work with the Pastors and other employees of the church to ensure the charity was put on a good and proper financial footing and complying with all rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, there were a number of issues and difficulties with the Church. This has required me and my team to carry out considerably more work than we had expected. During this process, Jonathan Morris was dismissed and Sandy Phelps voluntarily resigned. I refused to reinstate her when requested to do so.

The current situation is that, until an investigation is completed, Martin Phelps remains employed but has been suspended and is not able to take any part in the running of the Church.

I am aware that this interruption to Rhema Church is frustrating and will create difficulties for many of you. Please rest assured that I am doing all I can to rectify the situation and return things to normal as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Sandy Phelps and Martin Phelps have no authority to speak on behalf of the Church or hold themselves out as representing the Church. Should you be aware of any instances where they are doing so, I would be grateful if you could please let me know. My email address is below.

Many thanks,

Keith Mills


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